Dylan at Newport in 1975 shows it is important to just be yourself


People may tell you to just be yourself, but what they usually mean is ‘just be like me.’   It is human nature to believe we have made good choices and our children should set off down the same path. The reverse is also true – clever sons rue the errors of their fathers and […]

Ed Sheeran Revives Masters of War illustrated by portrait of Dylan

Ed Sheeran Revives Masters of War

Never has the song Masters of War been more present and appropriate. As the death planes drop their bombs and the young people’s blood flows out of their bodies and is buried in the mud, Ed Sheeran’s new recording of Masters of War is a prayer for peace and a homage to Bob Dylan’s original […]

Jennifer Lopez sings at Joe Biden inauguration

This Land is Your Land

When Jennifer Lopez sang ‘This Land is Your Land’ at the inauguration ceremony for new President Joe Biden, she was channelling Woody Guthrie’s belief in fair play and decency, in democracy, in the truth. His guitar carried the message: This machine kills fascists.  Guthrie wrote ‘This Land is Your Land’ in 1940 in response to […]

Bob Dylan’s Secrets of Success

Bob Dylan’s secrets of success are as illusive and subtle as his writing. All success is fragile, hard to pin down, describe or quantify. Dylan said, ‘A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.’ The […]