Boris Johnson carries a sign that shows that you can Never Trust a Tory


Never Trust a Tory is not an unreasonable attack, fake news, a cliché. It is an incontrovertible fact that takes us back to 1979 and Mrs Thatcher’s assault on society – which, she said, did not exist. With her close adviser Nicholas Ridley, Mrs Thatcher agreed to a strategy to abolish the NHS that became known […]

Boris Johnson is Unfit for National Office - illustrated by Give, Johnson and Rees-Mogg

Boris Johnson is Unfit for National Office

“Boris Johnson is unfit for national office.” These are not the words of an enemy, but Conservative supporter and former Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings. When Boris Johnson was preparing to seize the crown from Theresa May and redecorate Downing Street, Hastings wrote: ‘The Tory party is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the […]