Photo shows DALI AND PICASSO together


In the land of small minds and minor talent, Dalí and Picasso were giants. They were men with visions wider than the horizon and the stamp they left on the 20th century remains indelible. Twenty years older and already the toast of Paris, Picasso one spring morning in 1928 opened the door to his studio in […]

Marsha illustrates the day Gorge Harrison climbed the wall


  The day George Harrison climbed the wall at Salvador Dalí’s surreal summer house didn’t take place for another week and during those seven days a large number of red roses crossed the village. It began one sultry afternoon in 1971 when Dalí returned to Cadaqués with Carlos Lozano after inspecting the geodesic dome being […]

The Casino Bar in front of the HIDDEN HILLS OF CADAQUES


1984. Late spring. Armed with a hand-drawn map, a bag of figs and some tangerines, we set out to climb what our friend Eloy Ferrer had called the hidden hills of Cadaqués.  The journey by train from Barcelona to Figueres took two hours and two more over the Big Dipper of a road with the bus fishtailing […]

Image Shows Salvador Dali holding a seashell as he sails out to sea

Salvador Dali Brings Simon Baker to Cadaqués

An album – a feast, a spectrum, a kaleidoscope – of some of the world’s best photography opens in the streets, bars and galleries of Cadaqués on 1 October 2021 at the start of the InCadaqués International Festival of Photography – now in its fifth year – the second year of Covid.  The best? Absolutely. After […]

Photo from the film Greta May

Dalí, Buñuel and Making Short Films

  Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel started making short films together when they were still students at university in Madrid in the 1920s – a century ago. After the first film, Un Chien andalou, Dalí applied what he called his paranoiac-critical method to co-write film No 2 – L’Âge d’Or. The film that was instantly banned […]

The Bourgeoisie Stole Dali’s Toilet Seat

Salvador Dalí was a work of art, his own masterpiece. ‘I work seventeen hours a day,’ he cried. ‘The measure of my genius is the size of the hole I perforate in abstract matter.’  He didn’t believe in inspiration. ‘It is the obsession of repetition the Gods take note of.’ Routine was the watchword and he […]