Clifford Thurlow in art gallery illustrates the incurious eye.


The incurious eye misses the obvious, the subtle, the subtext. The incurious eye is glazed in a cataract of ignorance and indifference. The incurious eye is neither blind nor myopic. It is empty. If there were a God his great gift to mankind would have been curiosity. Curiosity invented fire, tools, hunting and gathering. Nuclear […]

Johnson Trickery and Plato's Cave with Johnson between flags

Johnson Trickery and Plato’s Cave

Boris Johnson at Eton would have learned all about Plato’s Cave. It was a lesson he took to heart. In Plato’s Cave, a row of prisoners are chained up facing a wall. Behind them, a fire burns. Between the fire and the wall there is a walkway on which the people who pass carry objects […]