Turkish policemen rescues Alan Kurdi in Kurds Fleeing Their Homeland

Kurds Fleeing Their Homeland

Kurds are fleeing their homeland in ever greater numbers to try and start new lives in Europe. An unknown number have died along the way. The most recent was Mariam Nouri Hamadameen, 21. She was the first named of the twenty-seven men, women and children who drowned on 23 November 2021 when their flimsy raft […]

Jigsaw puzzle of Europe with Britain falling out

British Banks, Brexit and ISIS Money

British banks, Brexit and ISIS money are the three major ingredients in a poisonous stew served up to the British people.   The chief executive of JP Morgan, the world’s biggest bank, wrote in his annual letter to the bank’s shareholders that Brexit ‘cannot possibly’ be a positive for the UK economy and warned that […]