M Donegon painting of HMS Eskimo illustrates THE ARCTIC CONVOYS TO RUSSIA.


Winston Churchill was piped aboard HMS Tyne and dad after hearing him nightly on the wireless got a glimpse of their wartime leader in person. It was August 1942 and Gunner Thurlow was among the several hundred sailors expecting the pep talk to confirm the rumour that the Arctic convoys to Russia were about to […]

Destroyer HMS Eskimo illustrates you’re a long time dead


When dad took a second slice of cake or spent more time in the garden in the hot sun than mum thought wise, he would say: Don’t worry, Lily, you’re a long time dead. My dad was always cheerful and curious, always interested in what I was doing. He was proud when I became a […]

Mum and Dad on their wedding day

Love at First Sight

After forging his birth certificate at seventeen, my father joined the Royal Navy and spent six years as a gunner on the battleship HMS Eskimo. Mates the same age died in his arms. He came out of the war feeling lucky to have survived and determined to have a happy life. My mother at fourteen […]