A family of swans show that KILLING A SWAN is illegal.


Killing a swan was once considered an act of treason and still today you can end up with a large fine, even a prison sentence. I didn’t know that when I was 14 and didn’t know that summer day in the school holidays that I would be killing a swan. There were four of us […]

image shows Albert Camus illustrating that nothing means anything.

Nothing Means Anything

If nothing means anything, what’s the point – in anything? Love, hope, dreams, desire, satisfaction, having babies – existence? This was the conundrum Albert Camus wrestled with after the mass slaughter of the Second World War when Europe lay in ruins and the future looked as grey as the past. Post-war writers rejected the notion […]

Wooden Dummy holding a plastic skull


At fourteen, I wore black turtlenecks and learned to smoke Gauloises. The year before, I was a Boy Scout and a professional squirrel killer.  To protect red squirrels, Hertfordshire County Council had declared war on their grey cousins. If you killed a grey squirrel and took its severed tail to an office in Cheshunt, you […]