trump and Sunak show how to steal an election.


With time running out for Rishi Sunak before the next general election, the Tories are frantically flipping through the playbook on how to steal an election. Sunak’s first dodgy stratagem is bringing in photo IDs, which could disenfranchise as many as two million people. The best form of identity is a passport or driving licence. […]

Why Boris Johnson Made Chris Pincher a whip illustrates tory sleaze.


Chris Pincher, the Tory party deputy chief whip, quit his job after drunkenly groping two men at a Conservative Party private members club. He admitted ‘drinking too much’ and embarrassing himself and other people. Mr Johnson initially stood by Pincher, but eventually ‘withdrew the whip,’ meaning Pincher lost his status as a Tory MP, though […]

Boris Johnson and the Big Lie, Logan with Johnson's face

Boris Johnson and the Big Lie

The big lie is a propaganda technique used to trick people into believing the very opposite of the truth is the truth.  Hitler – the big lie: that Jews caused Germany’s defeat in World War 1. Nazi disinformation claimed that a clandestine alliance between Jewish bankers and communists – which makes no sense – were the power behind the […]

Water Companies Have Taken Back Control with image of Boris Johnson on a bike

Water Companies Have Taken Back Control

We are lucky in this country – the best in the world. Now we have taken back control, we can swim in our coastal waters without the fear of immigrants sliding by in packed rubber dinghies. Environmental protection of our shores was overseen by the European Union. That’s all changed. We have taken back control. […]

George Osborne, Boris Johnson and David Cameron dressed in Bullingdon Club tailcoats.

Rules of the Bullingdon Club

The Rules of the Bullingdon Club are simple. You must be: Rich Posh Sociopathic Misogynistic Secretive Well-tailored The Bullingdon Club is for wealthy young men at Oxford University whom, it is said, burn £50 notes in front of beggars as part of the initiation ceremony and trash restaurants and public houses after elaborate dinners – […]

Boris Johnson posing with his team in the Eton ball game

There is Only One Rule in the Eton Wall Game

David Cameron dropped the ball and Boris Johnson scrambled it out of the scrum with a series of feints, dodges and subterfuges. There is only one rule in the Eton Wall Game and only Old Etonians know what it is. The Eton Wall Game is only played at Eton, the poshest school in the world. The purported purpose of […]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a brace of pheasant

Never Trust a Pigeon

A pair of pigeons live in the elm tree between my house and that of the neighbour. The male pigeon has a stout body, a prominent belly and a short neck shimmering with wine red feathers. He struts around the garden with a sense of entitlement and always seems pleased with himself. Constantly nodding his head, […]