Cool, Sexy & Dead

Cool, Sexy & Dead
£8.95eBook: £2.41
Genres: Fiction, Short Stories
Tag: My Books
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Ebook & Paperback
Length: 206
ISBN: 9781482382082

A collection of Prize-winning short stories by Clifford Thurlow.

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About the Book

"She liked the way the boy's face grew tense when someone was speaking to him. His attention as he leaned forward was an embrace drawing the speaker into his world. He claimed them and they, in turn, were captivated by him. He was alert, watchful, spontaneous, his features softened by the oblique light around the amber lampshades. Before he had grown aware of her eyes upon him she was picturing them posing together for an erotic photograph with Dominic peeping through the aperture of his camera."

In Cool, Sexy & Dead, when Tom meets Lucy, he doesn't know he hasn't chosen her. She has chosen him … and he learns that night just how deadly it can be to go home with an unknown girl met in a bar.

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