Cocaine Confidence

Cocaine Confidence
£7.99eBook: £2.39
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
Tag: My Books
Publisher: Yellow Bay
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Ebook & Paperback
Length: 280
ISBN: 9781908530523
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About the Book

One gun. 8 rounds. 9 dead. Work it out. After gunning down a mule delivering £2m in drugs to Albanian war criminal Kosta Ali Pasha, Slav hitman Miro Stanislav breaks the cardinal rule: never try your own supply ... and loses his prized Tokarev TT33. As rival gangs replay the Balkan War on the streets of London, the gun passes through the hands of a close-knit group of hip, in yer face friends, the weapon providing a mysterious charisma and changing lives – forever. Caught in a robbery, psychopath Martin Gilchrist shoots two people before burning down their house. Wildchild Bella puts on her old school uniform and goes home to visit her father one last time, while small-time dealer Krishna takes revenge on Kosta Ali Pasha, releasing the Romanian sex slave Alya from a life worse than death – all in a day in the life of a gun. "Compulsive and self-assured with an intricate plot that is only resolved on the last page." Jack Elgos, author of The Killer. Clifford Thurlow is the co-author of Making A Killing and Escape From Baghdad, two best-selling books on the Iraq War. Cocaine Confidence is his first thriller.