Boris Johnson and the Big Lie

The big lie is a propaganda technique used to trick people into believing the very opposite of the truth is the truth.  Hitler – the big lie: that Jews caused Germany’s defeat in World War 1. Nazi disinformation claimed that a clandestine alliance between Jewish bankers and communists – which makes no sense – were the power behind the […]

A Kiss is Always More Than a Kiss

There is nothing more human than a kiss. But then, a kiss is always more than a kiss.  The Kiss is a life-sized marble sculpture created in 1880 by Auguste Rodin that depicts the erotic axiom that a kiss is always more than a kiss. What we see is the 13th century Italian beauty Francesca […]

Dog Loyal Tories Barking Mad

Dog loyal Tories must have been barking mad to have allowed Johnson into Downing Street. All those fat-bellied middle-aged patriots propping up bars with their Union Jack T-shirts and strong positions on migrants imagine Johnson is the sort of bloke they’d like to have a pint with. Don’t they know that their Prime Minister is a […]

Margaret Thatcher Ruined Britain

With her dire prophetic warning that there is no such thing as society, Margaret Thatcher ruined Britain. Winston Churchill, every Tory’s hero, once said that ‘democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others we have tried.’ What is democracy exactly? According to the Oxford dictionary, democracy is ‘Government by the people; that form […]

Dylan and Orwell Light the Way

Dylan and Orwell. Different times. Different genres. But both were lighthouses beaming out shimmering brilliant words to light the way. I was in hospital aged 14 with a cracked skull after a tree fell on my head during a lightning storm in Epping Forest. My dad gave me a copy of 1984 while I was […]

Boris Johnson is Unfit for National Office

“Boris Johnson is unfit for national office.” These are not the words of an enemy, but Conservative supporter and former Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings. When Boris Johnson was preparing to seize the crown from Theresa May and redecorate Downing Street, Hastings wrote: ‘The Tory party is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the […]

Far-Right Johnson Seizes Control

The mechanic doing the MOT on my car said in passing that he was proud of being a Tory on the ‘far-right.’ I asked him why. ‘It’s only the far-right that’s got their heads screwed on the right way,’ he replied. ‘I don’t have kids. I don’t like kids. Why should I pay for them […]

Best Country in the World

Britain is the best country in the world. This constant claim by Boris Johnson and his Cabinet does more to undermine the fabric of our society than bind it together. We hear on the news every day that the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme was quicker than anywhere else in Europe. It is […]

Kurds Fleeing Their Homeland

Kurds are fleeing their homeland in ever greater numbers to try and start new lives in Europe. An unknown number have died along the way. The most recent was Mariam Nouri Hamadameen, 21. She was the first named of the twenty-seven men, women and children who drowned on 23 November 2021 when their flimsy raft […]

Bob’s Going to Keep On Keeping On

  If there is one man who’s going to keep on keeping on, it’s Bob Dylan. Six decades on the road. At a time when people aren’t busy being born, they’re busy dying, Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways” tour is arranging dates for the next three years. What does this say about Dylan? What does […]

Begging on the Street Winter Crisis

Winter’s coming and there are more people begging on the street than ever. Sometimes I give money. Sometimes I buy a sandwich and exchange a few words. Sometimes I don’t do anything at all. Except feel depressed. Comedian Frankie Boyle says people always tell him, don’t give money to people begging on the street, they’ll […]

Geoffrey Cox Milking the System

Geoffrey Cox is the new kind of Conservative MP: self-assured, self-important and a dab hand at milking the system. He knows the rules – he knows them better than anyone – and knows how to twist, bend, spin and manipulate them to his own advantage. Cox collects initials. He’s an MP (the Member of Parliament […]

Is Boris Johnson a Fascist?

What is a fascist? Is Boris Johnson a fascist? Is Britain becoming fascist? This is what we know about fascists: They worship the Motherland – or Fatherland – and constantly repeat patriotic slogans – Global Britain, Build Back Better, Make America Great Again. National flags grow larger and appear on every pole and beside every […]

Johnson Trickery and Plato’s Cave

Boris Johnson at Eton would have learned all about Plato’s Cave. It was a lesson he took to heart. In Plato’s Cave, a row of prisoners are chained up facing a wall. Behind them, a fire burns. Between the fire and the wall there is a walkway on which the people who pass carry objects […]

Thieves with Snouts in the Trough

John Penrose became the Conservative MP for Weston-super-Mare in 2005. Since 2017, he has served in the Cabinet Office as the government’s Anti-Corruption Minister. His job is to make sure there are no thieves with snouts in the trough. In undeveloped nations and Banana Republics, petty dictators and charismatic popularists funnel juicy government contracts to […]

Straight Glass Drinkers Are Not Amused

Straight glass drinkers are not amused, according to a poll carried out in my local. With a pint costing £5 in most pubs, being handed back two copper coins from your fiver is, at best, an inconvenience. Men don’t want wet 1p and 2p coins in their pockets. They want their government to do something […]

Water Companies Have Taken Back Control

We are lucky in this country – the best in the world. Now we have taken back control, we can swim in our coastal waters without the fear of immigrants sliding by in packed rubber dinghies. Environmental protection of our shores was overseen by the European Union. That’s all changed. We have taken back control. […]