Lord Harmsworth with Hitler illustrates why people hate the Daily Mail.

Lord Harmsworth with Adolf Hitler

There are many reasons why people hate the Daily Mail – reflecting the fact that the Daily Mail is itself filled with hate. 

The Mail hates everything: foreigners, migrants, judges, the myopic middle-class who drag themselves up the greasy pole and are made to feel as if they still don’t belong – where or to what is unclear. The Mail despises woke, the homeless, eco-warriors, noisy marchers, trade unions, European culture, American accents, educated women and female politicians because they are not Margaret Thatcher.

The Mail loathes Labour, its followers, ideals, obsession with equanimity, haircuts and well-founded fear of telling it as it is. It abhors the poor, disabled and oppressed with their tedious needs for education, health, decent schools, housing, clean water, opportunity and the bike Norman Tebbit advised them to get on.

If a Royal pulls the wrong face or makes the wrong move, the Mail will show its disapproval in subtle snide ways envied by the other tabloids. Prince Harry in 2023 sued the Mail over an article claiming his aides tried to spin his dispute with the Home Office over its decision to downgrade his taxpayer funded police protection. He lost the case and was ordered to pay the Mail £50,000 in costs. 

Why people hate the Daily Mail is at least more understandable than why so many sheeple buy, read, trust and believe the columns of lies, half-truths, pulp fiction and propaganda published daily and relentlessly in the Daily Mail. As of 2020, it has become the highest circulation newspaper in the UK with sales of more than a million and earning in 2023 a net profit of £977 million.

Daily Mail Peers

Viscount and Lady Rothermere illustrate why people hate the Daily Mail.

The Rothermeres

The Daily Mail is owned by Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, the great-grandson of one of the original co-founders. While championing Liar Johnson, Farage, Mogg and Brexit to his readers, Rothermere ‘identifies as French,’ has non-dom status and lives in a mansion in Monaco. His company is registered as the Daily Mail and General Trust in Bermuda, a tax haven. Viscount Rothermere – with a personal net worth of £1 billion, according to the Sunday Times Rich List – pays almost no income tax anywhere.

The Daily Mail launched on 4 May 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth (later Viscount Northcliffe) in partnership with his brother Harold (later Viscount Rothermere). It cost a halfpenny at a time when other London dailies cost one penny and followed a popularist agenda. 

In the 1930s, Lord Rothermere used the Daily Mail to influence British politics by showing strong support for the appeasement of Nazi Germany. He visited and corresponded with Hitler on many occasions. He sent him a telegram in support of Germany’s invasion of the Sudetenland in September 1938; he congratulated him after the annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 and encouraged Hitler to invade Romania.

Love and Hate

Explaining why people love or hate the Daily Mail is clearly a question of their political stance and/or gullibility. The job of a newspaper is to research, check and present facts. According to the editors at Wikipedia, the Daily Mail is ‘generally unreliable’ as a source of facts and does not allow it to be used as a reference in its online encyclopedia. To put the severity of this decision in context, Wikipedia does allow references to Russia Today and Fox News, neither known for their impartiality.

Not every story in the Daily Mail is untrue. Propaganda is more subtle than that. Book and movie reviews, travelogues, sports coverage, interviews with choreographers, authors, actors and architects are covered by diligent journalists and writers working hard on their 500 word pieces.

It is the political coverage, editorials and opinion columns that bend, reshape, invert and spin truth into lies to advance an agenda that supports the Conservative Party, the far right, low taxes, small government, neoliberalism and tax havens where Jonathan Harmsworth can flaunt his title, stash his wealth and does nothing to support the health service, social institutions and the 4.2 million children in Britain going hungry and living in poverty, according to the Child Action Poverty Group. Such neglect of duty and responsibility is not the act of a patriot but a traitor.


Daily Mail front page on Liz Truss illustrates why people hate the Daily Mail.


The Daly Mail front page shows overwhelming support for Liz Truss who presented to Parliament an extremist, neoliberal mini-budget that cost Britain between £30 and £60 billion in losses on world markets. The strapline across the top of the page reveals the newspaper’s ongoing war on Harry and Meghan. 

Additional reporting by Mark Duffield.

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  1. Should really be called the Daily Femail as it’s not for men..

    Generally belongs to a certain type of lady readership – middle upper class white British Tory voters who devour their daily dose of tripe for breakfast with the odd tut and sigh. It’s the order of the day while the husband takes cover behind The Telegraph.

    Best avoided.

  2. Is this is the same reprehensible publication that kept making trouble about the Stephen Lawrence case when the police had quite properly treated it as a very nasty suicide? Apparently the Mail also campaigned against a lot of of our precious liberties, like the right to get a free plastic bag on demand, and then throw it in the sea. Lies, half-truths, pulp fiction and propaganda indeed.

    That said, there could be more fact-checking here.

    Wikipedia deprecates state propaganda organs (RT, CCTV, VOA…) except for statements about the controlling state’s policy.

    Are the 4M (~30%, if there are 14M children, per Unicef, 2023, quite plausible as ~20% of the population) supposedly hungry children, keenly sought by CPAG, to be found in the <1.5% of children (200k-ish) considered underweight, the ~65% of normal weight, or the ~35% overweight or obese (HoC Library, 2022)? Maybe CPAG can't tell hungry from greedy? Maybe CPAG is an unreliable source?

    It was the 10x excessive pan…ic spending that screwed the country, rather than the long-overdue resulting interest rate correction provoked by LT/KK).

    And then there is an overall tendentiousness that I attribute to the author's committed position. No-one is being converted by the Mail any more than by Marxism Today. There is a real constituency of people who understand how their money is often wasted by Governments. This would be increased by a swathe of innocent dupes not previously exposed to a Labour administration if they, for lack of choice, voted one in. The readers don't need to be proselytised by the Mail because they already understand the case through bitter experience. And of course they like to read stories that confirm their opinion.

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