Hunt and Sunak in posh office living in a parallel universe.

Hunt and Sunak with jackets off.

People in the United States are living in a parallel universe.

Half the population believes the last presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump through massive voter fraud organised by a Deep State cabal of Antifa (anti-fascists), BLM (Black Lives Matter), communists and extremist Democrats led by Hillary Clinton who runs a paedophile ring from the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington in her spare time.

They tend to reject global warming, believe Covid vaccinations are dangerous (and possibly carry an invisible microchip Bill Gates uses to gather information); they are anti-abortion, pro-assault rifles and sympathetic to the conspiracy theories of QAnon.

Across the divide, people tend to care about green issues and are pro-choice, pro-vaccines and anti-gun. They, too, believe in their own variety of a Deep State as described by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as the military-industrial complex, a mafia of media moguls, corporation chiefs, the super-rich and war mongers in high places who killed Martin Luther King and the Kennedys to stem the flow of liberal thinking and ensure Americans remain afraid of Mexicans, Muslims, foreigners, reality and reds under the bed. 

How will they ever build a bridge between these people living in a parallel universe?

Parallel Universe Brits

In the United Kingdom, Conservative Party loyalists live in a world of nostalgia, the Iron Lady, the Battle of Britain, the test match from Australia with tea and scones. The 1966 World Cup. The Sunday Service on Radio 4 with its soft and getting softer news. They loved the Queen and, with encouragement from the Daily Mail, are learning to love the new King. They hate Harry and despise his awful jumped-up American wife who made Kate cry and wants to ruin the country we all love. 

Across the road living in a parallel universe are those who see the Conservative Party as a criminal cartel that has deliberately and for ideological reasons underfunded, over managed and sold off 40% of the NHS to private companies. They have allowed the 70% of foreign-owned railway franchises to run them less over the rails than into the ground. They have watched with noses clamped shut as the private water companies suck out sharer dividends as they pump out human waste into the rivers and sea.

Jeremy Hunt, a Remainer, a fantastic liar, the wing-commander of NHS destruction, now with his hands in the till as the Chancellor, promises to reap a Brexit premium making Britain a world leader in the manufacture of electric cars and AI (artificial intelligence). Another lie. A whopper this time.

Modern economies require unprecedented investments in the manufacture of microchips and semiconductors to compete with Taiwan and China. In the United States, the Biden Administration last year passed the CHIPS and Science Act into law and provided $52 billion to strengthen the sector. No individual country in the EU with its high energy bills, social care and education commitments can go it alone, but together the union is building new semiconductor factories across Europe. 

If this were the age of sail dying with the coming of steam, we the rulers of the waves will continue to raise masts and sew canvas. ‘The UK is particularly exposed to future disruption in global supplies of semiconductors and is falling behind other governments in mitigating such risks.’ The admission comes from the Government’s own website

To build a modern economy you need an educated population – one, preferably, where 20% of the people are not living in poverty. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, state schools in England have suffered their worst decline in funding since the 1980s, with secondary schools in the most deprived areas the worst affected. The root cause was the austerity programme inflicted on working people by David Cameron and George Osborne to provide billions in cash for failing banks. Since 2010, teacher salaries in real terms have not increased but declined by 15%.

Dodgy People

Meanwhile, Conservative Party Chairman Nadhim Zahawi, with a net wealth ‘ranging from £30 million to up to £100 million’ paid a £1 million fine for tax irregularities. Gone now like Johnson, Truss… 

Unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak got away with his fishy American Green Card dealings and ‘potentially avoided paying tens of millions of pounds in taxes through his wife’s non-dom status while the Chancellor,’ says the Guardian.

Present Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in 2005, co-authored a paper calling for the NHS to be dismantled and replaced by a personal health accounts system. That’s why they made him the Health Secretary. In 2009, he was forced to repay £9,500 for falsely charging taxpayers on his expenses to kit out his second home.

Ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson received loan guarantees of up to £800,000 in a deal brokered by Richard Sharp before Johnson made him Chairman of the BBC. Sharp, a banker and one time adviser to Sunak, donated £400,000 to the Conservative Party.

Against the will and advice of MI6, Johnson wrapped his Russian friend Evgeny Lebedev in ermine and stuck this playboy son of an ex-KGB officer and intimate of Vladimir Putin in our House of Lords. If legislation banning strikes or human rights goes to the Upper House, Baron Lebedev of Richmond on Thames and Siberia can vote on the matter with the rest of the unelected peers. 

These are dodgy, self-serving, often very rich and out of touch people living in a parallel universe to every decent, hard-working, tax-paying man and woman. To vote for them isn’t just madness, it is collusion with the most corrupt, dangerous, dishonest politicians that have every sat in Parliament.  

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  1. You highlight so many of the problems with modern capitalist society. By that I am not suggesting that capitalism is wrong as it has brought many benefits to society and could provide many of the needed solutions to the problems the world faces such as food security and climate crisis.
    What is a problem is the virtually unrestrained capitalism seen in the USA and this is the model many in the Conservative Party want to emulate. This places striving to achieve wealth ahead of almost every aspect of society. The lie that is told again and again is that if you work hard you too can make a fortune and become wealthy. Logically this is not true and the form of capitalism in the USA basically makes wealthy people wealthier and poor people poorer.
    Capitalism needs to be restrained by laws that ensure consumers, workers and the environment are treated fairly and protected. It requires that the needs of society are paid for from the proceeds of industry and commerce with the wealthiest contributing the most. Without society there would be no education, health care or infrastructure for transport.
    It will be difficult to balance the needs to businesses with the need to increase tax revenue. Take too much and businesses will fail. Take too little and society will fail. That is the challenge politicians must meet.

  2. It beats me why the greedy, avaricious, power-hungry infants that run our country want to emulate all that’s bad in America. Could it be that they are all the same under the skin??

  3. But the source of this is not a Tory mantra. It is a none Party Specific Economic and Social Policy mantra. It is endorsed and supported by both main parties (BREXIT). So this is not Hunt and Sunak alone, as to plead that case is to offer this scenario: ‘2 bad guys are going to beat you up, one has a pretty face (Starmer), so you choose him as it will make you feel better when you are on the NHS trolley in A & E .. but you are beaten up just the same!

    This has been my whole point with so many discussions about Brexit. Labour have taken the Tory Brexit. Lock stock and smoking barrel

    They have not defined any differences other than making it work better without changing anything ! Cobblers

    IF it needed fine tuning in its existing format the Tory’s would have made it work better already?

    Irrespective of supporting Starmer or not, Starmer & Co are NOT offering an Alternative Economic Policy

    This leads to 4 conclusions.

    1. Labour plan to buy off City and other influential business and lobby groups, by getting special visa access ! – whilst keeping a face of ‘nothing has changed’ to keep the perceived Red Wall bigotry, on side – as I say Brexit Benefits for the ‘Few at the expense of the Many’. Basically BACK ROOM DEALS

    2.Yes the 48% will be unrepresented and conned again. This time by a standard Labour mantra of ”Get the Tories out and everything will be alright”
    It won’t, as a Brexit economic handicap prevents paying for the public services that desperately need the cash now

    3. With no difference in economic policy, growth will be truncated and foreign investment will be reluctant to invest in the UK given the perceived and probable poor returns (compared to other countries they can invest in)

    4. Given no Policy difference, to play devil’s advocate here, is it not better, dear Voter, to stick with the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t?

    Sir Kier Starmer with his Tory Brexit policy is a modern day Don Quixote , tilling at windmills with the same ineffective result !

  4. What universe do community councils live in ? – They are defined by law as to represent communities, yet they consist of self-appointed volunteers. Any time they choose to ignore or not engage with an item that protects some local businesses, they misrepresent the community, and liably harming those local businesses by it. Also breaching their constituted function by it.
    Such is now the position in South Queensferry, whose community council is choosing not to record or address, in its picture of the local economy, an ethical protection of local funeral businesses. It has been created by an apology obtained for a very nasty anti-social action towards all bereaved people, in a community event at a venue used for funerals. This passed to a funeral director and further minuted in an affected church’s AGM. Hence the community council system is proved deficient towards wellbeing of businesses in communities, and owing to businesses to repair this.
    A councillor on the real council wrote “there are council officers within the governance department who are responsible for the oversight of community councils”. But that office itself, “Under the Standing Orders, it is up to the Chairperson of the Community Council to determine what additional items of business will be included in the agenda of the Community meeting,” one person’s fief to do that completely unaccountably yet get taken as speaking for a community. This when “3.7: Community councils should be able to demonstrate how they are fulfilling their responsibilities as representative bodies by provision of an annual report and other forms of engagement such as newsletters, surveys, websites and use of social media.”
    The bureaucratic inaction line contradicts this, and interprets the Standing Orders such as makes them contradictory. Meanwhile, businesses are left without the benefit of community committed upholding of an ethical protection for them.

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