The Queen and Putin rule by divine right.

The Queen and Vladimir Putin – rule by divine right.

In the early days of exploration and conquest, a strong leader would seize new lands and make himself king. He would raise his flag over the vanquished and rule by divine right.

Holy men travel in the shadow of kings to proclaim the slaughter Holy War and draw up official documents to legitimise the new authority.

The priests are rewarded with property and put in charge of education. Their job is to instil in the people the belief that they are blessed to have a place in this land with a king chosen by God.

The perfect example of this is provided by present day Britain where the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Prime Minister and William, the king to come, all went to the same school: Eton.

Similarly, the Queen as the head of the Church of England rules by the Grace of God. James I (1566–1625): put it this way: ‘The State of Monarchie is the supremest thing upon earth: For Kings are not only God’s Lieutenants upon earth, and sit upon God’s throne, but even by God himself they are called Gods.’

Rule by divine right is always extended down the generations. There are 809 hereditary peers in the House of Lords who make laws for no other reason than their father was a lord.

George Bush I was followed by George Bush II. In France the name Louis was popular for kings and they managed to get as far as Louis XVI (1754-1793) before the Revolution in 1789 did away with that sort of thing.

Mis-Rule by Divine Right

The Philippines’ president-elect Romualdez Marcos, known as Bongbong, is the son of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. They robbed $10 billion in state assets and impoverished the country, according to the United States Congress House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Bongbong’s running mate for vice-president is Sara Duterte. She is daughter of the last ex-president, Rodrigo Duterte, infamous for killing more than 7,000 alleged drug users in six months in 2016, reports Amnesty

North Korea has for three generations been in the clutches of the same dynasty. Kim Il-sung was the first Supreme Leader from the creation of the kingdom in 1948 until his death in 1994. He was followed by his son Kim Jong-il, then his grandson Kim Jong-un, who likes Hollywood movies and ballistic missiles. The BBC reports that about half the country’s 25 million population are starving to death.

The Arab Spring a decade ago was a grassroots uprising demanding democracy and civil rights. There were mass demonstrations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Tunisia and Egypt. The sheikhs, emirs and monarchs in these lands have the worst records on human rights in the world. None were unseated due to their heavily armed national guards and vast wealth carefully invested in every major economy on the planet.

Cost of Living Crisis

Monarchies in the Gulf, Philippines and North Korea are new at the game but follow the exact same pattern as monarchies everywhere.

In modern Britain, rule by divine right is ancient, subtle, so deeply woven into the lives of the people, they see the Royal Family as their family and stick pictures of them in the family album. The Queen is omnipresent, her face on every coin and banknote. While Prince Andrew has been stripped of his titles to protect the brand, Kate and her pretty children appear on the covers of magazines everywhere.

When I was a Boy Scout with my shirtsleeves filled with badges, I mouthed the oath: ‘I promise that I will do my best to do my Duty to God and the Queen.’ It was a special honour to be asked to carry the Union Jack into church for the Sunday service when we reiterated the myth: ‘And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England’s green and pleasant land.’ We so desperately want to think so.

In this the sixth richest country in the world looked upon benevolently by God, it then comes as a shock that under Britain’s head of state, on the throne for seventy years, people suffer grotesque levels of hunger and hardship: ‘4.3 million children live in poverty in the UK. That’s 30 per cent of children, or 9 in a classroom of 30.’

rule by divine right illustrated by a graph showing the cost of living

Cost of living in Europe. The Financial Times

The cost of living crisis is blamed on Covid, rising energy prices and Putin’s war on Ukraine. While price hikes are happening across the world, in the UK after ten years of hardship and austerity, inflation runs at double that of the rest of Europe.  

The first foodbanks sprang up in 2004. Their growth has become normalised with the trickle growing to more than 1,300 run by the Trussell Trust and a further 900 independent food banks. The present government shows little concern. ‘The rapid increase in food banks, the Guardian reports, shows a “rather uplifting” picture of a compassionate country,’ according to Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Royal Approval

What has this got to do with the Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the advisory body, the Privy Council. She is the richest person in Britain, one of the richest in the world. Her art collection is worth roughly the same amount as the Marcoses stole from the Philippines. She owns palaces, vast estates and stetches of the coastline leased to we the people to plant the white bladed mills of wind farms.

Around the Queen in concentric circles are her lavishly subsidised family, the dukes, lords and landowners from whose ranks our top civil servants, security chiefs and politicians are chosen. Two in every three prime ministers went to Eton and most of the rest went to the top public schools attended by the 1% of the 1%. 

Since the time of James I, rule by divine right has allowed aristocratic and royal families to live like Gods while generation after generation of repressed adoring peasants have shed their lives in wars, slaved in satanic mills, the coal mines, conveyor belts and ten hours a day at factory benches. Industry collapsed in the UK – though not everywhere in Europe – after Thatcher’s war on the working class. Now nurses not worthy of a 2% pay rise are ground down in our broken NHS hospitals and delivery drivers are unscrewing the lightbulbs to save on their electricity bills.

In recent history, every country in Europe has been occupied by a foreign foe except Britain. This mixed blessing gives the British their misplaced feelings of superiority and English Exceptionalism. People are persuaded by incessant propaganda in the Tory press to disdain Europe, loathe foreigners and love their Queen, their flag, their difference. They live with the delusion that everything in the country is the best when, since the late 1970s, Britain has tumbled down every measure of social well-being.

Across Europe, working people enjoy better wages, pensions, health services and social care; largely free university education. For every 3 doctors in the UK, Italy has 4, Germany 5, France 6. The UK is fifth from the bottom among 27 European countries for infant mortality. In spite of Boris Johnson’s continual boasts about the Covid vaccine rollout, Britain both in numbers and proportionately suffered the highest number of deaths, now close to 200,000 (followed by Italy at 170,000).

Since Brexit, British people have lost freedom of movement, diminished union and human rights. New bills going through Parliament will restrict the right to demonstrate and provide police with greater powers.  When the poor and hungry rise up in revolution, Her Majesty’s Police Force will be there to break their heads and shower their blood on the streets. 

The Photograph above shows the Queen with the mass murderer Vladimir Putin. Just doing her job. Her uncle, Edward VIII, was fond of Nazis. Her grandson Prince Harry went to a fancy dress party costumed as a Nazi with a swastika armband. Just a bit of fun.

The Royal Family refer to themselves as ‘The Firm.’ For seventy years, Queen Elizabeth II has increased the family worth many fold and clung to power more successfully than any other Head of State in the last 500 years. They are not the ‘people’s’ Royal Family. They sit at the top of the pyramid of wealth and privilege and are an integral part of the austerity, pain, hunger and poverty inflicted on working people by successive governments backed by their propaganda aides-de-camp in the right wing press. 

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