Turkish policemen rescues Alan Kurdi in Kurds Fleeing Their Homeland

Kurds Fleeing Their Homeland

Kurds are fleeing their homeland in ever greater numbers to try and start new lives in Europe. An unknown number have died along the way. The most recent was Mariam Nouri Hamadameen, 21. She was the first named of the twenty-seven men, women and children who drowned on 23 November 2021 when their flimsy raft […]

Typhoon Brings New Sensitivity to the Military Genre

Typhoon – The Inside Story of an RAF Fighter Squadron at War

  Typhoon – The Inside Story of an RAF Fighter Squadron at War is released today – 25 November 2021. The back story: In the spring of 2015, the world looked on in horror as ISIS gunmen in convoys of pickups crossed Iraq and Syria, killing everyone who stood in their way. They seized an […]

Bob’s Going to Keep On Keeping On - image shows tour poster

Bob’s Going to Keep On Keeping On

  If there is one man who’s going to keep on keeping on, it’s Bob Dylan. Six decades on the road. At a time when people aren’t busy being born, they’re busy dying, Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways” tour is arranging dates for the next three years. What does this say about Dylan? What does […]

Begging on the Street Winter Crisis

Winter’s coming and there are more people begging on the street than ever. Sometimes I give money. Sometimes I buy a sandwich and exchange a few words. Sometimes I don’t do anything at all. Except feel depressed. Comedian Frankie Boyle says people always tell him, don’t give money to people begging on the street, they’ll […]

Geoffrey Cox Milking the System with image of Johnson

Geoffrey Cox Milking the System

Geoffrey Cox is the new kind of Conservative MP: self-assured, self-important and a dab hand at milking the system. He knows the rules – he knows them better than anyone – and knows how to twist, bend, spin and manipulate them to his own advantage. Cox collects initials. He’s an MP (the Member of Parliament […]

Is Boris Johnson a Fascist? image shows Johnson and Trump

Is Boris Johnson a Fascist?

What is a fascist? Is Boris Johnson a fascist? Is Britain becoming fascist? This is what we know about fascists: They worship the Motherland – or Fatherland – and constantly repeat patriotic slogans – Global Britain, Build Back Better, Make America Great Again. National flags grow larger and appear on every pole and beside every […]

Johnson Trickery and Plato's Cave with Johnson between flags

Johnson Trickery and Plato’s Cave

Boris Johnson at Eton would have learned all about Plato’s Cave. It was a lesson he took to heart. In Plato’s Cave, a row of prisoners are chained up facing a wall. Behind them, a fire burns. Between the fire and the wall there is a walkway on which the people who pass carry objects […]