Hancock Lies Unzipped by a Kiss

Matt Hancock with Gina Coladangelo

Matt Hancock with Gina Coladangelo

It’s enough to make you laugh. Or cry. Or throw up. Health Secretary Matt Hancock lies to the public over serious life and death issues and resigns after getting caught in a kiss.

Hancock caused the unnecessary deaths of many thousands of elderly people by sending them from hospitals back to nursing homes with Covid. Johnson said he was doing a good job and kept him in post.

Like Lady Bountiful, Hancock gave out lush multi-million pound contracts without tender to Tory donors, his mates and his sister for a company in which he personally had a financial interest. Johnson kept him on.

On Hancock’s watch, Baroness Dido Harding lit a bonfire under £37 billion (BILLION) building a Covid track and trace system that never worked. Having run the telecommunications company TalkTalk into the ground as the chief executive officer, the Baroness was the obvious person to manage track and trace and has now applied for the role of Chief Executive of NHS England. She believes, like Hancock, Hunt, Thatcher, Johnson, Uncle Jacob Rees-Mogg and all in private healthcare.

Dido Harding who runs test and trace

Baroness Harding

When she gets the job – as inevitably she will – she will appear on your TV screens with a big NHS badge on her baroness blouse and she will say with dewy eyes how much she believes in the NHS. She will lie, as Hancock has lied and lied and lied. 

Hancock Lies

Even the Tory Rag The Sunday Times, 17 June, reported that Johnson considered Hancock ‘hopeless,’ a claim made by former PM adviser Dominic Cummings and never denied. This is the First Law of our current Prime Minister: no one is sacked no matter how useless, how stupid, how much money they waste or how many people die because of their crass inefficiency. He doesn’t want to fire ministers for errors he has committed himself.

Track and trace was designed to stop a second Covid lockdown. There have been two more lockdowns since it was abandoned. Johnson came back from India boasting that he had done a £1 billion trade deal – small potatoes after Harding’s £37 billion spending spree. He kept the frontiers open for flights from India for twenty days more than necessary, allowing the new India Delta strain of Covid-19 to enter Britain and spread across Europe.

Every Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher has been dismantling the NHS and unpicking the fabric of our society ‘by stealth.’ The Tory 1922 Committee, multi-millionaire Lords, corporation bosses and big land owners – including the Royal Family – who reign over and control Britain, must be feeling optimistic that under Boris Johnson, Thatcher’s proposition that there is no such thing as society will finally come to pass, not by stealth but pantomime mismanagement on the surface and, between the cracks, the ruthless destruction of human rights and what George Orwell called common human decency. 

After all the lies, waste and the death of thousands of people from Covid, it is typical of the Tory Party that it was Matt Hancock’s kiss in the corridor with his former university chum Gina Coladangelo (both are married, and both have three children) that ended his lively career undermining and destroying the NHS. Not that the destroyers need worry. With Johnson at the helm, when Baroness Harding steps on board, we will see the end of the NHS as time goes by…

          You must remember this
          A kiss is just a kiss
          A sigh is just a sigh
          The fundamental things apply
          As time goes by

          Written by Herman Hupfeld and first sang by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca 



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  1. Whether it’s “Merry ol’ England” or out here in the Wild-Wild-West of Texas the conservatives who hold a dearth-grip on power are of the exact same ilk. For some reason, the sound and spelling of “ilk” really seems to apply.

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