British Banks, Brexit and ISIS Money

British banks, Brexit and ISIS money are the three major ingredients in a poisonous stew served up to the British people.  

Jigsaw puzzle of Europe with Britain falling out

‘Leave means Leave,’ they cried.

The chief executive of JP Morgan, the world’s biggest bank, wrote in his annual letter to the bank’s shareholders that Brexit ‘cannot possibly’ be a positive for the UK economy and warned that the bank may eventually move all of its European operations out of London.

Jamie Dimon added that Brexit would continue to ‘damage’ the UK’s gross national product. ‘The effect after that will be completely based upon whether the United Kingdom has a comprehensive and well executed strategic plan that is acceptable to Europe.’

The Brexit trade deal agreed between the UK and EU only covered goods, not services. According to Dimon, ‘uncertainties linger particularly around financial services,’ as reported in Yahoo Finance.

The result is that the European Union is still urging banks to move resources and jobs into the bloc to comply with new regulations. Dimon warned that JP Morgan’s 12,000 staff in London may be transferred out of the UK to Europe as Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin and Amsterdam grow in importance.

There will be few winners from this looming fragmentation of banking, he wrote, ‘which would lead to higher costs for customers.’ 

As with many bank bosses, Jamie Dimon has consistently warned that Brexit would be bad for Britain’s financial services sector. ‘London is a magnificent place to do business and has the ‘opportunity to adapt and reinvent itself,’ he added. ‘Innovation is key to preparing for doing the business of tomorrow versus relying on the shifting ways of the past.’

Operation Jihadi Bride

Cover of the book Operation Jihadi Bride

Operation Jihadi Bride

In 2019, I co-wrote ‘Operation Jihadi Bride’ with ex-British soldier John Carney. The book tells the story of his eighteen months working with three Kurdish special forces soldiers trying to bring disillusioned jihadi brides back to Europe.

During my research, I learned that the majority of Islamic State’s wealth had come from the clandestine sale of oil, gas and chemicals on the international market using smuggling routes set up during the years of embargoes against Saddam Hussein.

With heroin trafficked from Afghanistan over the ancient silk routes through Islamic State to the west, a business worth $1 billion a year, the terrorists later bankrolled Boko Haram and brother jihadists based in north-eastern Nigeria.

With money flooding into its treasury, ISIS rose in three years from a gang of killers and petty criminals to a multi-billion dollar nation state with its own flag, hierarchy, clergy and fanatical supporters.

As the tide of war turned against ISIS, while its commanders sent its young recruits on suicide missions, the bankers and bureaucrats were quietly slipping across the border to Antakya, in Southern Turkey, with bags of cash.

Antakya was known in ancient times as Antioch, for centuries one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire. Today, it is a maze of congested narrow streets with batteries of faceless accountants. During the coalition struggle against ISIS, these accountants worked with bankers and lawyers right here in the City of London to invest Islamic State’s billions in shell companies based in financial havens on island paradises in former British colonies.

There was nothing odd or unusual in this. It is what the South American drug cartels and the Italian, Russian and Albanian mafias do. It’s what the international corporations and internet giants do. It is what the rich, famous, titled and our own politicians do. Lord David Cameron, for example.

British Banks Perversion

The United States and western governments didn’t want Islamic State to conceal its ill-gotten gains in the black holes of the universal financial system, but the system is set up in such a way that it is impossible to stop. London has always been ‘a magnificent place to do business,’ Jamie Dimon wrote in his newsletter and ‘relying on the shifting ways of the past’ is what the people who voted for Brexit wanted.

ISIS money found its way into legitimate businesses, hedge funds and pension funds, digital accounts, crypto currencies and traditional criminal outlets such as drugs, human slavery, prostitution and people smuggling. The jihadis could justify the corruption and perversion of the Quran as a holy enterprise.

The corruption and perversion of the banking and tax system in Britain is far harder to accept, explain or allow to continue.

John Carney in ‘Operation Jihadi Bride’ predicted that Islamic State had $9 billion hidden in secret shell companies and would rise again in Africa. He also predicted that terrorist action will turn the non-stop trickle off immigrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East into a constants gushing tide. Just what the Brexiteers didn’t vote for.

British Banks, Brexit and ISIS MoneyJohn Carney is a working-class hero who defied MI6 and went behind the lines of the Islamic Caliphate to rescue embittered girls who just wanted to come home. His book reveals the full extent of secret deals and bank dishonesty in the City of London.

‘Thrilling and tense. I simply could not put it down. Not to be missed!’ 5***** star  review on Amazon by Graeme Clarke.

Available now on Amazon for £2.99  





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  1. Interesting dual observation. And your point ? Banking is now a digital click buy/sell business where location is irrelevant. The London Stock Exchange has a strong trading presence in the EU already (via Italy, Borsa Italiana**. The London Stock Exchange Group as a whole offers clearing and settlement services for trades through CC&G (Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia) and Monte Titoli. MT is the pre-settlement, settlement, custody and asset services provider of LSEG and operates both on-exchange and OTC trades with over 400 banks and brokers. In addition – English is the language of banking – even the Chinese borse issues its metrics in English. The rumoured mass exodus to Amsterdam and Frankfurt (personnel) never happened because fat cat bankers who live in places like Marguerita Terrace have no intention of moving from their toff lifestyles.

    As to mass immigration : its primarily down to streaming video and tv. If you sit in a shack with a tin roof and no water aged 18 and see reruns of DALLAS on a telly fixed to a car battery, you are going to think – I’m having some of that. Its human nature is it not ?

    **PS – it is true Borsa Italiana is likely about to be sold to Euronext (owners of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange). Euronext London is a key City office for this leading pan-European financial marketplace covering Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo & Paris.

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