Photo from the film Greta May

Dalí, Buñuel and Making Short Films

Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel started making short films together when they were still students at university in Madrid in the 1920s – a century ago. After the first film, Un Chien andalou, Dalí applied what he called his paranoiac-critical method to co-write film No 2 – L’Âge d’Or. The film that was instantly banned […]

Jigsaw puzzle of Europe with Britain falling out

British Banks, Brexit and ISIS Money

British banks, Brexit and ISIS money are the three major ingredients in a poisonous stew served up to the British people.   The chief executive of JP Morgan, the world’s biggest bank, wrote in his annual letter to the bank’s shareholders that Brexit ‘cannot possibly’ be a positive for the UK economy and warned that […]

a pint of Guinness for Tristram Kent and Clifford Thurlow drinking and smoking in 1966

Dylan, Dublin and a Pint of Guinness

Arthur Guinness signed a long lease on a disused brewery at St James’s Gate in Dublin in 1759 and began brewing the frothy dry stout that would make his fortune. His formula was to blend malted barley with unmalted roasted barley and add a pinch of ‘aged’ brew to the fresh concoction. The result was […]