Can we save the elephants?

Can We Save The Elephants?

The grasslands and forests of India and Sri Lanka are disappearing. It is not unusual to see elephants rummaging for food in seas of garbage. In Africa, elephants face poachers and trophy hunters as their habitat turns to dust and concrete. The photograph of an elephant carrying an exhausted lion cub to safety during a drought […]

Mum and Dad on their wedding day

Love at First Sight

After forging his birth certificate at seventeen, my father joined the Royal Navy and spent six years as a gunner on the battleship HMS Eskimo. Mates the same age died in his arms. He came out of the war feeling lucky to have survived and determined to have a happy life. My mother at fourteen […]

Black, Female and as Mad as Hell

Salaria Kea was black, female and as mad as hell suffering mistreatment every day from the white doctors at Harlem Hospital in New York where she worked as a nurse.  One day when Salaria and a group of friends were eating lunch, three white doctors came in. One of them demanded they give up their […]