Ghost Writing

A ghostwriter is a professional author you can hire to write a book or screenplay.


Your life story is unique and could be an amazing best-selling book.

Write Your Story

If your story novel or screenplay lacks sparkle let my editing fingers sprinkle in some magic.

Invisible Ghost

Your fantastic story - biography, novel or film - written with a non-disclosure agreement and made entirely your own.


You are a scientist, academic or a philosopher with a great idea and need an experienced writer to help sculpt your discoveries into compelling prose.

Ghost Written Biographies

Operation Jihadi Bride


Today I'm Alice



Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me

Making A Killing

Escape From Bagdad

Never Before Noon

Carol Comes Home

My Novels

Cocaine Confidence

Cool, Sexy and Dead

The Firestarter

Stories From Beyond the Clouds